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 Mugshot Assessments

The first step in the removal process is a comprehensive assessment which identifies a clients most easily found mugshots online.  The assessment includes what websites your mugshot appears on and the cost of removal.  Included with the assessment is also a report on your social networking presence online.  This is key because you not only want to remove any negative mugshots but also elevate any positive social networking hits that appear in search engines.  Mugshot assessments are processed and delivered within 24 hours.     

Cost for a Mugshot Assessment is $50.00    

Mugshot Removal Service 

Mugshot Removal 

Upon receiving the mugshot assessment if you wish to proceed with the Mugshot removal process a detailed invoice will be emailed to you.  A service fee of $200.00 per 20 mugshots removed is all we charge.  Any additional mugshots over 20 will be billed at an hourly rate $50.00 an hour.  Included with the mugshot removal service is also the creation of 5 social networking profiles in your name (this service is optional).  

*Note every clients total invoice will vary depending on how many mugshots and which sites the mugshots appear on 


  • Is associated with any mugshot website?

          No is not associated with any mugshot website.  Many other mugshot removal services can not make this claim.  

  • Is a legal service? 

‚Äč        No is not a legal service.  We are a convenience service that quickly removes clients mugshots for them and creates positive social networking profiles that show up in search engines